KARNAN is a marvellous piece of art as the man he is ,I admire the depth of work and dedication Mr Sivaji savant invested on this  artistic masterpiece. I had this same feeling of satisfaction when i finished Randamoozham by M T Vasudevan Nair.

Karnan is a novel basically a journey through the life of karnan through his and other's perspective, Even being one of the  greatest warriors of all time ,being gifted with kavach kundela ,being son of Kunti and surya deva  ,being a Digvijay  ,karnan was always been neglected. His life was a like a restless sea ,calm in deep ,fearsome in shallow  and always agitated. His piousness ,generosity and love are less explored ,this book will walk you  through his journey and philosophy. You could see here karna as a devoted son, brother ,friend ,father and husband, and a warrior and a king of course. unexplored areas of karna like love and devotion get meaning in this novel.

 The narrating style of the author is commendable ,which make the readers glued to the book .Metaphors and the minor detailing of the scenes are extraordinary. All the time you feel karna inside you and his emotional distress will be yours ,when a situation come you will know how karnan reacts because you are the hero when you  start reading this book and the credit goes to the narration and the author.

I was stunned by the author's representation of karnan and his minor emotional details. I can assure you this book will be in your favourite list once you complete reading it .I having scarcity of words to define or explain this wonder. Its a treat that you never like to forget.


karna is the man that he made by himself ,self made heroes are my heroes.


This book is an insight into the life if you go between the lines, thanks to Sivaji savant ,just great work!


Spirituality was like a boomerang which returned to its origin despite having been thrown in another direction.